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About Us

The Leadership Publishing Team specializes in informational guidebooks, newsletters and special reports for business leaders, athletes, coaches, educators, and parents. Our Winston-Salem, North Carolina based company is committed to providing quality information and personalized service. Our mission is uncomplicated--to bring you the best guidance available in a concise, easy to understand format.

Our inspirational guidebooks are being used by coaches of all sports and at every level all across the country.

Our print publications are published on-demand. This greatly increases our efficiency in meeting the demands of our customers. It has also allowed us to focus more on the creation process instead of the printing and fulfillment. This ensures that we are able to continue to produce high quality products. Please visit our FAQ page for additional information about us. 

Look for many more exciting new products to become available in the very near future. It is our hope that our all of current and future guidebooks, newsletters and reports will provide assistance to parents, teachers, coaches, athletes and business leaders for years to come. We enjoy having contact with our customers, so if you ever have any questions or concerns please e-mail us. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Company History

In 2010 The Leadership Publishing Team merged with Educational Coaching & Business Communications. Educational Coaching & Business Communications was founded in 2003 by Dan Spainhour.

After 20 years in high school and college athletics, Spainhour decided to write an informational guide on college recruiting for parents. His primary purpose behind the guidebook was to help parents through the recruiting process and help them give their child the best opportunity to win a college scholarship. He hoped to give out a few copies here and there and never really expected much more than that. However, the guide became a tremendous success. How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship: The Parent's Ultimate Guide to Recruiting became one of the leading resources for parents of student-athletes and was featured in the 2010 Congressional Report as a recommended book on receiving athletic aid. With the tremendous success of How to Get Your Child an Athletic Scholarship, he became convinced that he should put his experience to use by writing and creating informative products. Thus, Educational Coaching & Business Communications was born.

A Few Customer Testimonials 

My two favorite books are Jay Bilas' Toughness and Dan Spainhour's A Season In Words.--Mike Murphy, Colgate Lacrosse

I ran across your book online as I was putting together my basketball camp. Your book has been AMAZING. I cant say it enough how much it has helped. Thanks for writing !--Greg E. Hill

"What a fantastic book you put together, I use it almost daily for our quotes and thoughts of the day, the internet sites are so generic and repetitive it gets old, but yours are fresh and very well done!!"--Steve Treffiletti, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Central Connecticut University

"GREAT Resource!! I haven't put it down."--Coach Jackson, Texas

"Your athletic scholarship book is great--so very informative! I have recommended it to others."--Mary Lou Greene, North Carolina

"Awesome Book! I cannot put it down. I'm telling others in the department to order it."--Robynne Brown, Wake Christian Academy

"I have just finished your recruiting guidebook and found it to be not only informative but very inspiring! I have read a lot of college scholarship type books. Unlike most books on the subject yours is extremely well-written and easy to read."--Carole Lipkin, MsEd., North Carolina

"Great Material!"--Coach Cruz, California

"We particularly enjoyed the stories in How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship and how they provided real life examples to help simplify the process."--L.C. & Sarah Allen, North Carolina

"Derek's going to Colorado State on a track scholarship in August. Thank you!"--Peter Mansur, Australia

Dan, I love your newsletter. Thank you!!— Frank Martin, Head Coach University of South Carolina Men’s Basketball

Thanks Dan….we are processing our renewal…Always enjoy reading the journal… Brian Ostermann, Kansas State Women’s Basketball

The journey of learning never stops! Your Journal is a great resource. Very appreciative! --Peter McGahey, Head Coach Central Michigan Women's Soccer

We absolutely love your Journal and plan on continuing our subscription for years to come!--Nathan Minion, Director of Operations, Florida State Women’s Soccer

Your journal is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Terrific resource for all leaders!—Andrew Marotta, Principal Port Jervis High School, New York

I enjoy getting your journal in the mail! It’s like getting a motivational speech in the mail once a month!!—Jessica Deese, Rollins Women’s Soccer

"I just want to thank you for publishing "How to Run a Basketball Camp" it has been very helpful to me. I am running the 1st annual Miami's Elite Basketball Camp in Miami, Fl. Your book has guided me into the right path. I love the game of basketball and also helping children on the community, and this is a great way for me to give back and help kids develop their skills. I was worried that I would fail but after reading your book I already have succeeded in getting everything set up from my dates, location and the biggest help was getting my sponsor letter. Again I would like to thank you. If you have any suggestions to help me succeed even more please feel free to contact me. Thank you." --Eddie Pena, Miami's Elite Basketball Camp

"Excellent Resource! I was thinking about starting my camp but I had no idea all that went into it. This really helped."--Barnes & Noble Reviewer

"I purchased your book on running a camp and it was great! I am looking to get another one very soon." --Brian Kelly, Powder Springs, Georgia

"Just what I needed! This book is more than your basic quote book. It provided me with much needed motivation at just the right time for me. I particularly enjoyed the spiritual thoughts and how they related to coaching."--MB

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