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Easy Methods To Help Students Earn An Athletic Scholarship
A 90 Minute Audio Workshop Conducted By Dan Spainhour

About The Program

Parents! Learn how to give your child the best chance to earn an athletic scholarship in this 90-minute audio workshop. You'll learn specific strategies used to get the attention of college coaches. With over 26 years of working with student-athletes, Dan Spainhour has helped secure scholarships for athletes of every talent level, at every division. Spainhour is the author of How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship, a leading guide on the recruiting process.

Coach Spainhour discusses...

  • How to get the recruiting process started
  • What to send to college coaches
  • How to get college coaches to recruit your athlete
  • Which level of college athletics to target
  • How to make a recruiting DVD
  • Making a recruiting package that gets noticed
  • How proactive recruiting produces more results than recruiting service
  • And Much More!

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How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship 

​​Published 2008

How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship:
The Parent's Ultimate Guide To Recruiting

Product Details

Paperback: 190 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0615175706
Dimensions: 11 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches

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About The Book

This Guide Shows You How To...

  • Contact college coaches.
  • Accurately evaluate your child's talent level
  • Avoid expensive recruiting service fees
  • Design attractive and successful packages to send to college coaches
  • Unlock hidden techniques of the recruiting process
  • Maximize recruiting opportunities Avoid common mistakes...and more

It Includes:

  • Valuable recruiting tips
  • Detailed appendixes
  • Sample letters to send to college coaches
  • Forms
  • Sample Resumes
  • Q & A section
  • A recruiting calendar to track exactly what you and your athlete needs to do get noticed. 

Written by Dan Spainhour who has more than 25 years of college and high school coaching experience. Spainhour has coached at both the high school and college level. At Florida State University, Spainhour worked as the director of basketball operations where he was involved in all phases of the men's basketball office. He handled on-campus recruiting, recruiting mailings, fiscal matters, team travel, and academic development. As an athletic director, as well as baseball and basketball coach, he has helped students earn numerous scholarships. His experience at both the high school and college level convinced him there was a tremendous need for this guide.

What Others Say About The Book

I recently picked up your book "HOW TO GET YOUR CHILD AN ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP" Great educational book thanks for all information--Jose Villalpando

Awesome Book! I can't put it down. I'm telling others in the department to order it."--Robynne Brown, Wake Christian Academy

"Derek's going to Colorado State on a track scholarship in August. Thank you so much for your book!"--Peter Mansur

How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship Was Featured in the 2010 Congressional Report as a recommended book on receiving athletic aid. 

 "It's a honor to have our book included on the list said Dan Spainhour, author of the book. We have felt all along that this guide was a great resource for people who wanted advice on how to navigate through the college recruiting process. It is nice to have that confirmed by being recognized in this report."