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The Coaching and Leadership Journal                            


Not all readers become leaders but all leaders must be readers!

The purpose of the Journal is to provide ideas and insights to people who are passionate about leading and to provide it in a quick and easy-to-read format. The Coaching & Leadership Journal now serves leaders from all fields. Our journal publishes article summaries that pertain to both leadership theory and insights from top leaders in all professions. Like a monthly debriefing, our journal allows you to get valuable information without having to waste time searching for it. You'll refer to it again and again. It is not just a journal but a valuable resource delivered to you each month.

With your subscription you receive:

  • The highly acclaimed Coaching and Leadership Journal delivered to your door. 
  • Subscriber-only access to The Coaching and Leadership Journal website. Updated monthly, the site contains additional articles, motivational videos, pictures, and more. 
  • The current digital issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal emailed to you each month.
  • The Team Leadership Report, our weekly report covering timely and relevant coaching and leadership information emailed to you each week.

Each issue contains:

  • Strategies to motivate your team and staff.
  • Quotes, anecdotes, and trends to use in your team meetings and practices.
  • Ideas and philosophies from prominent leaders to help your team rise to any challenge.
  • Tactics to get the most out of your team and an edge on your competition.
  • Ideas and techniques that help you and your staff communicate more effectively with your team.

“A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people”—Will Rogers

The Coaching and Leadership Journal allows you to do both each month. Everyone from CEOs to coaches need constant advice and reminders about how to be a superior and dynamic leader. We do the work for you and deliver it right to your office. No other publication gives you so much information that is so easy to find and use.

Since its inception, the journal has been edited by Dan Spainhour, who has more than 34 years of college and high school coaching experience. He has received numerous awards during his coaching career, including three state championships and eighteen coach of the year honors. His teams have collected more than 500 victories. Under his auspices, each issue delivers thought-provoking and inspirational articles. The Journal's subscriber list includes coaches from every college sport as well as numerous athletic administrators on both the collegiate and high school level. 

The Coaching and Leadership Journal is more than a journal, its about helping readers discern what's important in the world of leadership. 

2017-18 Renewal Rate Jumps To 80%

 "I am so very proud of our Journal. It is especially gratifying to watch our journal grow. When we launched seven years ago there was so much speculation that subscription-based print journals were dead. But I knew what my years of experience had taught me Top leaders want to read and they want to learn--they just don't have the time to waste on irrelevant information. In an era where most magazines feel very fortunate to get a renewal rate of 50 percent, I think our renewal rate of over 80 percent shows that athletic leaders realize the value of our publication," said Founder and Editor Dan Spainhour

What a few of our subscribers say...

Dan, I Love your newsletter. Thank you!!— Frank Martin, Head Coach University of South Carolina Men’s Basketball

Thanks Dan….we are processing our renewal…Always enjoy reading the journal… --Brian Ostermann, Kansas State Women’s Basketball

The journey of learning never stops! This Journal is a great resource. Very appreciative! --Peter McGahey, Head Coach Central Michigan Women's Soccer

We absolutely love your Journal and plan on continuing our subscription for years to come!--Nathan Minion, Director of Operations, Florida State Women’s Soccer

Your journal is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Terrific resource for all leaders!—Andrew Marotta, Principal Port Jervis High School, New York

I love the journal Dan. Thanks for doing an amazing job with it and I learn something from it every time.—Deanna Bradley, Athletic Director, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Join our growing list of subscribers. A few of our recent subscribers & renewals include:

  • Mike Candrea, University of Arizona Softball
  • Andrew Marotta, Principal Port Jervis HS,  College Basketball Official, 
  • Katie Shields, University of St. Louis Soccer
  • Joseph Alberici, Army Lacrosse
  • Mike McShane, Norwich University
  • Jim Berkman, Salisbury Lacrosse
  • Frank Martin, University of South Carolina Men’s Basketball
  • Rob Krimmel, Saint Francis Basketball.  
  • David Metzbower, UNC Lacrosse,  2016 Men's Lacrosse Champions
  • Mark Krikorian, Florida State Women’s Soccer 
  • Jerry York, Boston College Men’s Hockey (first NCAA hockey coach to 1,000 wins)
  • Frank Lenti (the winningest prep football coach in Illinois history)
  • Peter McGahey, Central Michigan Women’s Soccer
  • Suzy Merchant, Michigan State Women’s Basketball
  • And Many More!!

Strategies, Ideas 
and News To Help You Lead Your Team

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You are fully protected by The Leadership Publishing Team's Money Back Guarantee for the life of your subscription. You can get a prompt refund on the balance of my account at any time, for any reason. See FAQ for more details